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If your thinking divorce, this is the place for you! Your place to vent your frustrations, share your experiences, educate yourself and find resources that can help you.

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    This is your place to share your story. Read other peoples stories, compare notes, provide advise to others. A safe place (no names allowed) where you can share your feelings.

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    Ask our community of Experts a question related to divorce. Browse our rich database of questions and answers to all things related to seperation and divorce.

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    Looking for resources related to a divorce? This is the place to find them. Legal resources, family therapy, educational resources; you'll find them all here.

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    Discover techniques for dealing with or even preventing divorce. How to minimize the impact of divorce on children. Kathy provides answers to some of the hardest questions surrounding divorce. Browse therapy related Q&A.

Separation and divorce are invariably complex, almost always painful, often expensive and full of emotion. All of this comes together at the same time causing a lot of uncertainty and negativity. Navigating through the available resources can be a daunting task. Often, we turn to our friends for advice. Sometimes this advice is good and at other times even our friends are caught up in our anger and provide what can be considered bad advice.

Here at Life Apps, we are providing a one-stop location for all your divorce resources. Whether you visit here just to vent your frustrations, or if you’re looking to have some questions answered, this is the place to find the answers. Connect with other people going through similar experiences – share your stories in a safe and anonymous environment.

A Place to Vent

Sometimes there is nothing better than telling your story to complete strangers. Sharing your experiences can be a great stress reliver. Even better, getting encouragement and advise from fellow travelers along this difficult path of separation and divorce.

This is the place to tell your story, read other people’s stories and post comments. There is no limit to what you can write – this is your place to vent your frustrations, anger, hope and tell your story. There is only one limitation – you may not use people’s names in your stories.

Secure and Anonymous

Every entry is totally anonymous. We do not allow the use of actual names in any of your stories. Before posting, each entry is reviewed by our staff to guarantee that our terms of use have been followed. You may vent to your heart’s desire, but you may not use the names or identities of any family members.

A Place to Get Educated

Do you have a question about separation, divorce, how to talk to your children, etc. Ask it here. People going through similar experiences can provide answers to your questions. You’ll probably get multiple answers from different people – everyone has their own perspective – regardless, you’ll get an answer to your question and probably a lot of advice.

It's a Community of Experts

Everyone who’s gone through a divorce becomes an expert in the process. We learn from the mistakes we make and are usually happy to educate others so that they don’t make the same mistakes. We have taken the best questions and answers and posted them here so that you can search questions and find accurate answers that will help guide you through the divorce process.

A Place to Find Your Resources

Looking for a lawyer? Maybe you want to go to marriage counselling or find a child therapist? This is the place to search for your local resources. We are currently not providing a rating or comments for the businesses listed here, however if they have a Yelp entry we will link to that page where you’ll find consumer reviews and ratings of the business. Looking for articles about the divorce process in your state, we link to thousands of web sites, papers and studies on the subject.

A Place to Talk Therapy

Whether you have a question about how to talk to your children about divorce, or how to tell other family members about your difficult decision, Kathy’s corner provides you with straightforward no nonsense answers to some of the more complex questions related to the emotional side of a divorce.

The emotional journey related breaking a family up has many ups and downs, it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions ranging across the full spectrum of emotions. Understanding how to deal with this onslaught of conflicting and powerful emotions can be an almost impossible task. In her blog, Kathy attempts to answer some of these questions. While this is no replacement for one-on-one therapy, the articles provided here will help you understand what your going through and hopefully provide you with some guidance.

With regular blog entries, you’ll find articles on almost every subject related to the emotional journey linked to separation and divorce. Search our extensive database of blog entries, questions and answers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, ask Kathy a question.