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Recently I discovered that my husband cheated on me. I'm not sure if I really want to work it out with him since I believe that this has been going on for a very long time and I don't really love him anymore.
My question is; should i ask him to leave the house or should I be the one to do it? what if he refuses to leave? I am new to all this and would really appreciate any help and advice that you can give.

My wife just told me that she wants a divorce. It totally took me by surprise. I have to admit that I was not expecting it.
Turns out that she's been having an affair with one of our friends for about a year. I literally had no idea.
My question is what do I do now? She told me that I should leave the house and my two children, but I don't want to. She's the one breaking up the family, why should I have to leave?
Please help - I don't know what to do!!!!

I've been married for 15 years - lately my husband has been going through some troubles and he's been very stressed.
He was always a little violent when he drinks, but recently it's been getting worse. He drinks with his friends several times a week and when he comes home he treats me very badly.
Sometimes its just verbal abuse and I can take that, but lately he's been getting violent with me and the kids.
Yesterday He came home late and he started hitting me - i have a black eye today.
I know that once he gets through these problems he'll be fine. I'm not sure what do do in the meanwhile.
I love him and i certainly don't want to divorce him - he is a very good man most of the time.
Any advice will be more than welcome!
Thanks. Amy.

My wife and I are getting a divorce she has partial custody of the kids and according to the agreement that we are writing, i get to see them every other weekend and one evening during the week.
Last week I discovered that she intends moving across country to be with her new boy friend and that she intends taking the kids with her.
I have several questions:
1. Can she do this?
2. Can I prevent this from happening

Since I heard this its driving me crazy that I won't be able to see my kids each week.
Any help would be really appreciate!!!!

My wife and I have an amicable divorce however lately she's been asking me for more money for things for the kids. This wasn't in our divorce agreement and I feel that its having a serious affect on my finances.
Should I always pay what she asks when she says its for the kids, or should I follow the letter of our divorce agreement?

I am considering divorce and I'm not sure about the negative affect that this will have on my family.
Currently my husband and I argue a lot and this really upsets the kids. we tried family therapy but we just can't seem to resolve our differences.
I've always heard that divorce is bad for the kids emotional well-being, but is staying together in an ugly marriage any better?
would Love to hear your ideas on this!

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